Module Overview

Principles of Physics

This module aims to provide an introduction to: *Scientific Units and the Science of Measurement *Linear Kinematics and Dynamics *Angular Kinematics and Dynamics *Vector notation and the use of vectors in science

Module Code

PHYS H1008

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Scientific Units

Measurement and measurement scales, conversion between scientific units, conversion between different units expressing density

Linear Kinematics

Solutions of equations connecting velocities, accelerations, distances and times.

Linear Dynamics

Calculations of forces, accelerations, energies, and powers in one dimensional linear motion

Linear Momentum

Solutions of equations involving conservation of momentum. Calculations of coefficient of restitution

Angular Kinematics

Solutions of equations involving angular motion

Angular Dynamics

Calculation of torques, moments of inertia, and equilibrium conditions

Angular Momentum

Solution of problems involving the conservation of angular momentum


Definition of vectors and resolution of vectors into x and y components

2-D Mechanics

Resolution of problems in two dimensions using vector analysis.

Methods used to achieve the module learning outcomes will include lectures, tutorials, interpretation of data, case studies, problem-solving exercises, video presentations, self-directed learning and computer-based learning

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Formal Examination70
Other Assessment(s)30