Module Overview

Workshop Practices & CAD

The aim of this module is to introduce the learner to electronic, electrical and instrumentation laboratory and workshop practices and provide the learner with the knowledge and skills required to produce engineering drawings

Module Code

PIAA H1014

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*Curricular information is subject to change

Workshop and Laboratory Safety

Risk assessment and identification. Personal protective equipment (PPE). Safe use of electrical and hand tools. Introduction to electrical safety. Basic first aid procedures.

Workshop and Laboratory Projects

Project planning: project sketches and drawings, selection and quantification of materials, selection of tools, safety planning. Project implementation: fabrication/assembly techniques, precision measurement, cutting, drilling, tapping and threading, filing, soldering, cable termination. Project testing: functionality tests, fault finding, use of electronic and mechanical test equipment.

Conventional Drafting Principles

Current international drawing standards. Drawing instruments and their use. Graphical symbols for electrical and electronic circuits, standard methods of presentation, reference designation, power supply data, terminal marking Conventions relating to electrical and electronic drawing including drawing scales; sheet sizes and layouts; line types and widths and text types; Dimensioning.

Computer Aided Drawing

Introduction to CAD: Setting up the user interface, Workspace, Toolbars, Working with files, View commands, Naming views. Basic Drawing: Lines, Circles, Polylines, Rectangles, Polygons, Ellipse, Arc. Drawing aids, Polar snap, Cartesian/Polar Coordinate systems. Object snap tools, Relative positioning. Editing: Selection methods , Offset, Mirror, Move, Copy, Rotate, Stretch, Trim, Extend, Scale, Lengthen, Chamfer, Fillet, Array, Join, Polyline editing, Grip editing. Drawing Properties: Colours, Linetypes, Lineweights, Layer use, Layer Management, Layer tools. Properties Palette. Annotation Methods: Text Style Formatting, Single Line Text, Multiline text Processing. Dimension methods: Dimension styles, Editing Dimensions. Hatching/Blocks: Creating and inserting blocks/hatching in an electrical drawing. Use of relevant CAD commands such as Hatch styles, Create Patterns, Edit hatches, Associative hatching, Gap tolerance, Using blocks. Printing/Plotting: Print drawings to scale, Create layout views for plot management.

Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100