Module Overview

SCADA & Industrial Networks

To provide students with detailed knowledge of modern SCADA systems and industrial networking strategies. Students will be able to design, evaluate and implement complex industrial networking and SCADA based solutions.

Module Code

PIAA H3013

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*Curricular information is subject to change

Fundamentals of SCADA

Fundamental principles and terminology used in the field of SCADA. Standards and regulations for SCADA systems. Component parts of typical SCADA systems. SCADA and cybersecurity. Fourth generation SCADA including IIoT and cloud computing capabilites. Commercial SCADA packages.

Communications and Industrial Networks

Networking terminology, models and protocols. Serial communication techniques including: RS-232, RS-485, USB. Review of Ethernet operation and implementation. Overview , principle of operation and areas of application of common industrial networks including: Industrial ethernet, RS-485, ProfiBus, Foundation Fieldbus, Modbus, ASiBus, ControlNet, DeviceNet. OLE for process control (OPC).

Data Acquisition and Graphical Programming

Data acquisition techniques using software and hardware components. Graphical programming tools and techniques. Front panel/HMI screens. Data logging to historical databases. Managing alarms and events. Development of report documentation from acquired data. System backup and upgrades

SCADA and Industrial Networking Projects

Project design: customer requirements, standards and regulations, system drawings, hardware and software requirements, alarm and event requirements. Project implementation: I/O wiring, network cabling, tag assignment, HMI development, alarm and event objects, historical database development, Network protocol implementation. Project commissioning: I/O and network testing and verification, testing of alarm and event functions, system debugging. Project documentation and handover: system overview and description, wiring diagrams, tag assignment, alarm and event settings, user manual and customer training. Typical projects: Emerson Delta-V system incorporating Foundation Fieldbus networking, Siemens WinCC incorporating ProfiBus and ProfiNet networking, Rockwell RSView incorporating DeviceNet networking, Schneider IGSS incorporating OPC server technology and any industrial network.

Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100