Module Overview

Project 1

The Project, (consisting of BEng (Hons) Energy Project 1 and BEng (Hons) Energy Project 2) is largely a self-learning process and students are expected to use the knowledge they have gained during their attendance at lectures, labs tutorials as well as that information gained using a good research strategy. The project supervisor is expected to provide support and advice for the project student during the allocated supervision time. The main role of the supervisor is to “guide” the project on a weekly basis and students are strongly advised to use project meetings in an effective manner by outlining problems, presenting experimental results and prepared questions. Students are strongly advised to follow advice from their supervisors and maintain regular contact throughout the project.

Module Code

PROJ H4046

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Project management :

Project allocation, Project definition and identification, purpose, scope andobjectives.Project Specification and Planning: Project organisation, work breakdownstructure, Gantt/PERT, costing, implementation and review.

Project Preparation:

Maintenance of logbook, design methologies,familiarisation with measurement and test equipment, requirementsspecifications

Focused Research:

possible techniques, identification of optimal solution, identification of associated system components and simulation, test plan, bill of materials,component ordering, construction of the system prototype, understanding of operation/implementation, testing and debug, collection and analysis of results

Project Reports :

Interim Semester 1 report due last week of Semester 1.Final Project report due late in Semester 2 or as agreed with supervisor

Project Presentations:

Short Interim Presentation at end of Semester 1 or beginning of Semester 2: mainly consisting of a description of what has been completed so far and what will be completed during Semester 2.Final Presentation at end of Semester 2, or when agreed with supervisor, consisting of a project description, a review of the outcomes of the project and recommendations for future work.Poster Presentation.

Report and ethics

Report writing and presentation. Ethics and the environment

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)100