Module Overview

Community Mental Health

This module is intended to foster an awareness of the need for an integrated response to mental health issues in the community. It is now recognised that mental health and mental health promotion should be core to the philosophy of community empowerment and development. The module examines the changing nature of mental health service provision in Ireland and the emerging mental health strategy based on Vision for Change.(DoHC,2006) The module provides the student with a working knowledge of the most prevalent psychological and behavioural disorders. In addition students will examine societal mental health issues such as depression , self-harm and escalating suicide rates in the youth and adolescent population. The focus throughout is on the changing attitude to mental health. Emphasis is on the paradigm shift from a reactive medical model of mental illness to a proactive community based model of mental health, targeting the areas of education, prevention and rehabilitation.

Module Code

SACD H4041

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Mental Health in Context

Mental illness from a historical contextModels of mental illnessMedical modelPsychological modelsSocial modelsDiathesis –stress model Current conceptsThe illness-wellness continuum of mental health

Fundamentals of mental illness

Current classification systems Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorder (DSM IV TR:APA 2000)International classification of diseases (ICD-10, WHO, 1992,1996) Mood disordersAnxiety disordersPsychotic disordersPersonality disordersDelirium, dementia and disorders of memoryChildhood and adolescent disordersConduct disordersAttention deficit disordersEating disordersDepression, self-harm and suicideOverview of aetiology and treatment of mental illnessCurrent legislation and policyThe Mental Health Act 2001A Vision for Change (DoHC ,2006 )

Defining mental health

Mental health ‘more than the absence of illness’ (WHO 1946,p2) Identifying factors influencing mental health • Social competenceSelf-esteemPhysical health statusAppropriate coping and life skillsAbility to deal with changeAdequate resources, financial, social, environmentalAccess to social support

Mental health issues in the community

Identifying at risk groups and individuals in the communityAdolescent risk behaviours in relation to mental healthSiucide, self-harm and depression in adolescents and young peopleEthnic minorities and mental health issuesDisability and mental health

Promoting mental health

Directing health promotion activities towards individuals and groups in the Community.Strategies for promoting mental health in the communityTargeting select populations and at risk groupsBuilding capacity in individuals and communityAdvocacy on behalf of vulnerable groupsIncreasing awareness and understanding of mental health and mental illnessReducing inequalities and other structural barriers to healthReducing stigma and discrimination and promoting recovery for those with ongoing mental health problemsContributing to health policy and healthy public policy.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)40
Formal Examination60