Module Overview

Alcohol & Drugs Prevention Strategies for Youth

The Drug Prevention Strategies module aims to provide students with a theoretical foundation in understanding the general concepts of drug prevention. Students will gain knowledge concerning the implementation and evaluation of prevention programmes in various community settings. It will provide students with an opportunity to compare and critically evaluate prevention policies implemented both in Ireland and abroad.

Module Code

SACD H4042

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

General concepts of drug prevention

Types of prevention; Targets of prevention (General population; At-risk population; Alreadyafflicted population); Universal, Selective and Indicated prevention programmes in youth worksettings; Prevention programmes targeting families; Social marketing; Designing, implementingand evaluating prevention programmes.

Comparative analysis of national and EU prevention policies

The ‘Prevention’ Goal of the Irish National Drug and Alcohol Strategy, ‘Reducing harm, supportingrecovery: a health-led response to drug and alcohol use in Ireland 2017-2025’; The Preventionpillar of the ‘EU Drug Strategy’, 2013-2020; The EU Action Plan on Drugs, 2017-2020 and EUPrevention Best Practice.

Manage the implementation of drug and alcohol prevention programmes

Criteria for successful implementation of drug prevention programmes in schools and youthcentres; Risks of implementation failure; Ad hoc and extra-curricular prevention activities in aschool context; In-class education programmes regarding substance misuse; Overview of twoIrish education programmes regarding substance misuse as part of the Social, Personal andHealth Education and Wellbeing programmes. Evaluation of prevention programmes, such as‘Walk Tall’, ‘Foroige’s Brief Intervention Programme’

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)30
Formal Examination70