Module Overview

Scientific Analysis 2

The aim of this module is to provide the student with the fundamentals of the application of Spectroscopy, Electrochemistry and Immunoassays in Bioanalysis. This module will cover the scope and theory of Ultraviolet/visible spectroscopy, Infrared Spectroscopy, Atomic absorption spectroscopy, Electrochemical techniques and Immunoassay techniques. The module will be delivered with a strong emphasis on the applications of these analytical techniques in Bioanalysis. Theoretical aspects of this module are underpinned by laboratory experiments from the Laboratory Skills for Bioanalysis

Module Code

SCAN H2003

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change


Properties of light, energy levels, molecular transitions

UV-Visible Spectroscopy:

Chomophores; Quantitative analysis; Beer-Lambert Law; Single & Double beam instruments; light sources and monochromators; applications.

Infrared Spectroscopy:

Theory; modes of vibration; sample preparation; structural elucidation; applications.

Atomic Spectroscopy:

Techniques; atomization; component parts; interference; sample preparation; quantitative analysis and applications

Potentiometric Techniques:

Reference & indicator electrodes; Nernst equation; pH electrodes; ion selective electrodes; acid-base titrations; quantitation; environmental applications


Theory, Structure of Antibodies; Types of Antigens; ELISA,Competitive, non competitive, direct, indirect, sandwich, radioactive Immunoassays.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)30
Formal Examination70