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Applied SCM and Cases SCMT 4000

The module involves the analysis of supply chain management situations through (i) direct examination by the students of a series of situations which replicate as closely as is practicable and real life; and (ii) the discussion of supply chain management within a range of industry contexts.  A range of key supply chain management issues will be drawn out through case studies, reviews of industry contexts and guest presentations.  

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SCMT 4000

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A series of case studies, research presentations and industry guest presentations will be chosen to reflect varying real-life issues of supply chain management analysis and decision-making.  These will be chosen from, but not limited to, the following areas: - Logistics role in the economy, - Marketing logistics and customer service, - Channels of distribution, - Decision strategies in transportation, warehousing and inventory management. - International supply chain management. - Information technology in supply chain management. - Human resources in supply chain management. - Financial control of logistics performance. - Management of supply chain relationships. - Supplier development. - Sustainable logistics. - E-commerce platforms supporting supply chain management. - Supply chain management within the overall corporate strategy. 

Structured classroom discussion form the primary learning and teaching methods on this module.  This approach will facilitate discussion of case analysis, discussion of research presentations and discussion of guest presentations.  Classes will be highly interactive and students will be required to participate in debates and discussions on a weekly basis.  Interactive exercises, including business games and role plays, will serve to re-enforce the learning on this module as well as other modules.  These discussion-based sessions may be supplemented by short group-based exercises, company and industry case histories, and video presentations to illustrate key supply chain management issues.

The assignments allow the students to apply their previous learning in case-based and industry contexts.  It also allows students to develop key communications, team working and interpersonal skills

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Other Assessment(s)100