Module Overview

Sports & Leisure Event Management

The module is delivered in an application-oriented fashion employing Socratic Questioning and Problem-based Learning as central instructional methodologies. This is an experiential learning module founded on the principles of Problem Based and Inquiry Based Learning. The main aims of this module are to provide students with; - an in-depth knowledge about the specialised field of event management - an in-depth understanding of the challenges planning sports and leisure events - a comprehensive appreciation of and familiarity with the management techniques, tactics and strategies required for successful planning, promotion, implementation and evaluation of sports and leisure events - opportunities to learn from professionals involved in events management

Module Code

SMCO H4014

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Introduction to Events

Types of Events, The Sports and Leisure Events Industries, Event Organisations, Event Leadership, Tools for Event Planning and Management, Inclusivity, Morality, Law and Ethics in Event Management, The Bidding Process

Event Operations

Event Production, Event Coordination, Parking, Maintenance, Ticketing, Food and Beverage, Risk Assessment, Alcohol and Events, Crowd Management and Control, Critical Issues for Event Safety, Incident Reports, Human Resource Management for Events, Event Marketing, Financial Planning and Control, Managing Vendor Contracts, Concession Management, Box Office Management, Waste Management, Medical Emergency and Evacuation Plans, Event Quality Planning and Management

Assessing and Measuring Event Success

Customer Satisfaction, Client Service, Vendor Relations, Safety and Risk Management, Pre-Event Evaluation, Post-Event Evaluation, Critical Incident Technique Research, Complaint Handling, Service Failure and Service Recovery

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)100