Module Overview

Sports Management and Coaching Research Project - Practice

This module builds on SMCO H4011 Sports Management and Coaching - Theory where students were introduced to research problem formulation and research design. This follow-on module aims to develop independent learners who are well positioned to undertake further study at Level 9 by allowing them to refine, and action their proposed research. In doing so the module will enable learners to: 1. Gain depth in their selected project area. 2. Develop their understanding of methodology and methods including quantitative and/or qualitative approaches through practical application. 3. Hone transferable skills of critical analysis and project management. The module will be delivered through guided one-to-one research supervision. This will be supplemented with targeted workshops on qualitative and quantitative data analysis, and their supporting software packages.

Module Code

SMCO H4032

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Supervision Meetings

Through regular attendance at supervision meetings learners will: agree their research plan and timeline including key deliverables and deadlines; discuss their progress regarding literature review, application for ethical approval, access negotiation, data collection, data analysis and write up. In addition supervision meetings will allow for troubleshooting of the research process.

Literature Review

Learners will develop their Semester 1 literature review and their identified research problem.

Research Design

Learners will refine the methodology and methods proposed in Semester 1. All students will apply for ethical approval in accordance with ITB policy. Learners will evaluate and address issues of research ethics including: harm (physical, social, and psychological); confidentiality and anonymity; and consent.

Data Collection

Learners will negotiate access, and execute their research design paying particular attention to data collection.

Data Analysis

Learners will implement their data analysis strategy using quantitative and/or qualitative approaches. Workshops will be provided to underpin skill development in data analysis, and supporting software packages.

Writing The Research Article

Writing A Research ArticleLearners will present the research project - its rationale, design and findings in a research article of between 5000-8,000 words. The article should discuss the relationship between research findings and previous literature, and provide evidence based conclusions and recommendations. In addition the learner will reflect on the research process and identify limitations of their study. Learners will submit draft versions for formative assessment and feedback throughout the term.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)100