Module Overview

Practicum in Sports & Leisure Event Management

A Practicum is a college course, in a specialised field of study, which is designed to give students, supervised practical application of previously studied theory. The process resembles internship. This module is thus designed to provide students with an opportunity to apply knowledge, skills and attitudes developed during their academic preparation. It is also aimed at helping students gain valuable experience in the management of sports and/or leisure events. This is an experiential learning module founded on the principles of Problem Based and Inquiry Based Learning. The main aims of this module are to provide students with; - an in-depth knowledge about the specialised field of sports / leisure event management - an in-depth understanding of the challenges planning sports and leisure events - a comprehensive appreciation of and familiarity with the management techniques, tactics and strategies required for successful planning, promotion, implementation and evaluation of sports and leisure events - opportunities to learn from professionals involved in events management

Module Code

SMCO H4033

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*Curricular information is subject to change

As per the Sports and Leisure Event module in semester one

The Sports and Leisure Event Management module semester one of year four is a pre-requisite to the Practicum in Sports and Leisure Event module. As such the syllabus content from that pre-requisite module is pertinent to this module.

Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100