Module Overview

Social Media Marketing and Global PR

This module gives students an in-depth understanding of the role of social media in public relations. It will familiarise them with a variety of social media platforms and the various ways in which they may be leveraged by organisations and PR practitioners to engage with key audiences.

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SMPR H3001

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Online PR

Reintroducing some fundamental PR concepts; how communication has changed and evaluating the need for digital PR; media fragmentation; generating a buzz; using online media for PR; merging online and offline campaigns - the importance of content, not the channel; using social media at events; leveraging sponsorship using online media; corporate social responsibility and online PR.

Social media platforms and PR

New routes to influence. Identification of the various social media platforms used by businesses to communicate with key audiences; an analysis of the reasons why businesses might want to use social media; an exploration of various companies and how they use social media as part of their PR strategy; defining audiences on social media - who to talk to, what to talk about; monitoring conversations; the social media release; the social media newsroom; evaluation and measurement - search ranking as evaluation and online tools.

Social Media and business

Using social media to achieve business objectives; views, likes, shares and comments - how to respond and interact; how to use tools such as blogging, podcasting, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter to identify and engage with key influencers.

Online crisis management and reputation management

Avoiding online crises; reputation management using online strategies; strategies to cope with online crises that occur; using online PR in conjunction with traditional PR to cope with crises.

Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100