Module Overview

International Sports Law

This module explores the legal aspects pertaining to the governing bodies of international sport. Topics covered should include (a) criminal issues in sport; (b) drug use, doping, and anti-doping regulations; (c) International dispute resolution between national governing bodies, international sporting federations, the International Olympics Committee, and the Court of Arbitration in Sport; (d) intellectual property law issues in sport; (e) the interface between state, national and global governmental agencies and organizations with sport; and (f) human rights and international sports law.

Module Code

SPLW H3000

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change


- Introduction- Legal frameworks- Disputes- Arbitration- Case studies


o The intersection between sports law and policy and the connection between sport and law.

Legal Frameworks

o The role of the court in sports law; the national governing bodies, international sporting federations and International Olympics Committee; and the Court of Arbitration in Sport, including caselaw from the CAS.


o Anti-doping, including the WADA; human rights and sports law; the ECHR, sports law and the human rights of athletes.


o Swiss law and the CAS; intellectual property and sports law.

Case studies

o Three case studies from any of the following topics: Doping Discrimination Criminal law Contracts Restraint of trade Anti-corruption Illegal betting Intellectual Property

Methods used to achieve the module learning outcomes will include lectures, tutorials, interpretation of data, case studies, problem-solving exercises, video presentations, self-directed learning and computer-based learning

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Formal Examination40
Other Assessment(s)60