Module Overview

Sociocultural Aspects of Sport

This module aims to provide students with a framework for understanding the sociocultural factors which affect physical activity and sport and the associated ecosystems of participation and performance which support them. In this modules students will examine how physical activity and sport, and through them Health and Physical Education, are products of particular historical, social and cultural conditions. Through identifying and discussing key sociocultural issues relating to the body, physical activity and sport, students will recognise different viewpoints and their impact on contemporary practices. Students will consider approaches to issues such as: the social meanings and historical context of sport in Ireland and internationally; health and the body; gender, sexuality and physical activity; the media and sport; ethnicity and race; youth cultures; and sport and politics; with a view to incorporating a sociocultural perspective of sport and physical activity.

Module Code

SPRT H1003

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Philosophical Concepts in Sport

Fundamental philosophical concepts will act as the foundation for more guided conversation and debate in the philosophy of sport, physical activity, and physical education (e.g. ethical and moral considerations in sport, physical activity, and physical education; values in these separate but related domains, aesthetic and artistic distinctions in performance, gender stereotyping, disability and racism).

Historical Aspects of Sport

Students will be introduced to the historical timeline of sport through the centuries from pre-modern civilisations (early Greece and the Roman Republic/Empire), to the Middle Ages (the Renaissance and Enlightenment periods), into the 19th and 20th centuries where significant historical event such as Colonisation, the Industrial Revolution and the advent of Capitalism changed this landscape immeasurably. The 'Sporting Revolution', and its impact on the role and function of physical education in schools, will be examined through both a philosophical and sociological lens. The role of sport in Irish history.

Sociological Concepts in Sport

This component of the module will explore students' own socialisation into sport and physical activity, while also examining their role in enlightening such sociological constructs. Issues such as social development (e.g. gender, social class, disability and racism) will be explored, observed and interpreted in the context of individual and personal experiences

Global Sport and Community

This component of module looks at Global Sport in a Deglobalising World; Sport, Law and Governance, Sport and Community ;Internationalism, Reconciliation and Sport in the Making of Nations; Sport, Media and Technology; Sport, Social Capital and Civil Society.

Sport and Contemporary Social Issues

Topics discussed are, Sport and the Environment; Sport and Racism; Sport, Violence and Crime; Sport, Religion and Spirituality; Sport, Gender and Sexuality; Sport and Health; Sport and Disability; Sport, Cities, the Olympics and Major Sporting Events; Sport, Lifestyles and Alternatives; Sport, Gambling and Corruption; Sport, Poverty and Homelessness

Methods used to achieve the module learning outcomes will include lectures, tutorials, interpretation of data, case studies, problem-solving exercises, video presentations, self-directed learning and computer-based learning

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Formal Examination70
Other Assessment(s)30