Module Overview

Understanding Substance Misuse

This module focuses on developing a framework for comprehensive analysis of the area of substance misuse. The module will focus on developing an understanding of the nature of care and rehabilitation provision in addiction treatment settings and exploring approaches to the management of substance misuse in Ireland. In a combination of lectures and practically based workshops policy and practice in these this key areas will be critically analysed. The evidence base for responses to substance misuse in an Irish context will be explored as will core components in harm reduction programmes, relapse prevention, treatment planning and continuum of care. Current issues in theory and practice and noteworthy research will be analysed.

Module Code

SSSC H4020

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*Curricular information is subject to change

Defining Substance Misuse

Definitions in relation to substance misuse and prevalence of substance misuse in Ireland - Defining substance misuse and addiction.- Current and historical trends in substance misuse-Using and understanding data in formulating practice with regard to substance misuse.

Intervention and Treatment in Substance Misuse

Historical Contexts and Current Practice in Addiction Treatment- The Medical Model in Addiction Treatment- Minnesota Model and Alcoholics Anonymous- The Development of the Self Help Movement- The Growth of the Therapeutic Community- Non Chemical Addictions

Overview of Approaches to Practice in Addiction

Motivational Interviewing and The Wheel of Change - Humanistic and Integrative Approaches to Addiction - Introduction to Harm Reduction and the Low Threshold Model - Community Based Care- Relapse Prevention

Core Components in Addiction Treatment

Individual and Group Counselling in a variety of settings and options for intervention.o Brief Solution Focussed Interventiono Self Help Trainingo Community Reinforcement Approacho Group based interventiono Issues in group work- Coping and relapse prevention strategieso Cognitive behaviour therapyo Relapse prevention & coping skills theory & practice

Working with Specialised Groups in Substance Misuse

Peer Intervention and Work with Youtho Developing peer based interventionso Peer education systemsFamily systems treatment o Ethical Issues in Interventiono Conflict and resistance

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)40
Formal Examination60