Module Overview

System Simulation and Modelling

This subject aims to give the student a formal foundation in system modelling, using software based simulation tools. Case studies will include mechanical, fluids, thermal energy systems and electrical networks.

Module Code

SYST H4003

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Fundamentals of Systems Simulation;

An overview of system simulation and the development of the modeling process. Identification of different system types and appropriate modelling techniques. Identification of appropriate input variables, parameters and outputs. Various approaches to the modeling process including state-space representation.Writing a model specification.

Representation of physical systems:

Hierarchical modelling : from component level to overall system. Model simplification and the use of analogous systems. Development of fundamental equations to represent individual system components for mechanical, electrical, fluid , thermal and network components. An introduction to selected simulation environments and the representation of system components.

Model Design;

A review of programming structures, flowcharts and block diagram representation. Linear and non-linear modelling. Selecting model solvers

Applications and case studies;

Selected exercises from thermodynamic, hydraulic, mechanical, electrical and network systems.

Analysis of Results;

Generation of test case documentation. Analysis , interpretation and reporting of simulation output data

Relevant Mathematics Review

Linear algebra review, solution of DE's, Euler's and the Runga-Kutta methods

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)100