Module Overview

Human Movement Science

The module aims to introduce students to applied concepts of human movement with a coaching focus. The primary goal of the module is to develop and enhance students' knowledge and understanding of concepts and techniques of coaching and their application to achieving important objectives in working with participants engaged in physical activity.

Module Code

TRAN H1001

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Principles of Coaching:

Determining Your Coaching Objectives, Selecting Your Coaching Style

Basic concepts of anthropometry:

Definition of Anthropometry, Tools for Measurement, Tissues Composing the Body, Human Variation, Mechanical consideration.

Principles of Teaching:

Coaching the Games Approach Way, Classification of Skills, Teaching Technical Skills, Communication and Feedback in Coaching

Principles of Physical Training:

Basic Principles of Training, Mechanics of movment, Training for Energy Fitness, Continuous and Interval Training, Methods of Strength Training, Causes of Muscle Soreness

Musculoskeletal Adaptations to Training:

Effects of Physical Activity on Bone, Effects of Physical Activity on Joint Structure and Ranges of Motion, Effects of Physical Activity on Muscle–Tendon Units. Effects of Physical Activity on Body Size, Shape, and Composition


A series of practical workshops / structured coaching sessions will be organised through which the student will be afforded the opportunity to develop their basic coaching skills. Workshops include programme design, warm-up, exercise intensity, technical and tactical skills, energy system fitness, muscular fitness, flexibility and periodisation.

Methods used to achieve the module learning outcomes will include lectures, tutorials, practicals, interpretation of data, case studies, problem-solving exercises, video presentations, self-directed learning and computer-based learning.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Formal Examination50
Other Assessment(s)50