Module Overview

Work Placement

The work placement is a valuable part of the overall course of study.  The work placement involves the student working in a commercial information systems environment for a minimum of 15 weeks.  Students will receive meaningful, study-related work experience which will be of significant advantage to them when in post-graduation employment.  The students will record their experience in reflective blogs during their placement. They will make a presentation to the School of Business Technology, Retail, and Supply Chain faculty members detailing their experience. Their performance at work will be assessed by their respective in-placement company via an evaluation form. Students will be required to implement learning from modules completed on the programme to date in the course of their work placement.



Module aim:

The aim of work placement on this programme is to provide the student with real and relevant experience in a commercial information systems environment.


Objectives of the placement programme will be:

1. To provide exposure to methods, procedures and structures in a business information systems environment.

2. To provide exposure to the development of commercial grade information systems.

3. To provide an experience of inter-professional business relationships.

4. To develop a degree of maturity of thought and concept regarding the application and applicability of various tools and applications and systems in a commercial information systems environment.

5. To allow students to explore and evaluate career options.





























Module Code

WKPL 3008

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

The specific placement work content will be largely determined by the individual work placements.  In general, only placements where students will be able to implement elements of their learning from the overall programme to date will be considered appropriate.  These will normally include commercial organisations including manufacturing and service organisations,and public or semi-state bodies.  Only placements in the area of information systems relevant to the overall programme will be permitted.


The placement will involve the student working alongside information systems professionals within any of the IS functional areas.  They will work under normal working conditions with the support of the work placement co-ordinator as a TUDublin advisor and a company mentor. 




























The primary learning and teaching method will be planned and supervised day-to-day work experience.  This is supported by preparatory phase where the student engages in a career planning process.  At the conclusion of the placement the student will be required to complete a reflective learning report which includes updating the career planning aspect of the work placement.




























Module Content & Assessment
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