Module Overview

Student Work Placement

The aim of this Student Work Placement module is to enable the student to integrate classroom theory with practice in a work environment within the sport and health industry. It will introduce the student to structured employment in their chosen field of Sports Studies, and will allow them to develop an understanding of the organisation, its procedures and practices. Students will appreciate the importance of continuous professional development throughout the module, while gaining an awareness of their personal future employment interests and understanding the various graduate opportunities available within the sports and health industry.

Module Code

WKPL H3002

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This is essentially a work-based module that requires the student to engage in a 6 week work placement experience. The placement involves a partnership between the employer, the student and the university. The functions carried out by the student, while in placement will be structured and commensurate with the Aims of the placement. The industrial placement takes place over 6 weeks from February to April.


The course coordinator will be responsible for the management of the student placement programme. This includes organising placement workshops for all students due for placement. The workshops will cover all aspects of the placement, such as policies and procedures of placement, advice / assistance in compiling CVs, interview skills and assessment procedures. Students will be required to attend regular meetings with placement coordinator to ensure student engagement and progress is continued with their work experience.


An Academic Tutor is allocated to each student for the duration of the placement. A work programme will be agreed between the work placement based supervisor and the academic tutor in consultation with the student. The tutor will monitor the student’s progress by maintaining close contact with the student and the supervisor. Students will be visited once during the placement (after three weeks).

Selection and Placement procedure:

A list of placement opportunities will be developed by the course coordinator following submission of by placement industries

Selection and Placement procedure:

CVs are matched to the job description and are sent to the industries. Who select student they wish to interview and notify the course coordinator

Selection and Placement procedure:

Students are expected to attend interview and to accept the first placement offered

Selection and Placement procedure:

Students may seek their own industrial placement but must inform the course coordinator immediately on securing a position, in order for it to be assessed and approved as being suitable and relevant to the academic programme

Methods used to achieve the module learning outcomes will include work placement, placement support, tutorials, interpretation of data, case studies, problem-solving exercises, video presentations, self-directed learning and computer-based learning

Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100