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I'm a TU Dublin Student

Are you interested in collaborating with a community/not-for-profit partner on a real-life project?

Students Learning With Communities coordinates Community Engaged Research and Learning (CERL) within TU Dublin city campus, in response to questions and concerns from underserved community groups and organisations. CERL is also known as community-based research and learning, or service learning, or 'science shop' in mainland Europe, although it's not confined to science.

Interested students can carry out this research, in collaboration with the community partner who suggested the topic, as part of their accredited studies. This is usually a final year self-directed project or thesis, or a postgraduate research project. ‌

We regularly update a list of project ideas from underserved community partners who don't have the resources to do the research themselves. These requests for research cover a wide range of topics - both applied and theoretical.**

If you would like to find out more about the project ideas we have on file from community partners, or about the process of setting up a community engaged research and learning project, please contact us directly. 


**We are currently in the process of updating the content of our webpages so please check back with us regularly for updates.