TU Dublin School of Art and Design Launch Partnership with Dublin City Council Culture Club

Published: 28 Jun, 2024

The School of Art and Design at TU Dublin has commenced a new partnership with Dublin City Council Culture Company, which provides opportunities to explore Dublin's Cultural places with others. 

In June, TU Dublin School of Art & Design hosted its first-ever Culture Club event on the Grangegorman Campus. Attendees were invited to explore the 2024 Graduate Exhibition of Art, Design, Media, Drama and Music students in the East Quad. This was the group's first visit to Grangegorman, and they had the added opportunity to meet the graduates themselves, who talked the visitors through their work, ideas, and processes. 

Dublin City Council Culture Company aims to reduce or remove barriers for those attending cultural places and provides a warm, welcoming way to experience new things together. Here's what one participant had to say:

"This building and area are completely new to me; I had no idea it was so big and that all of this was inside. Sometimes, with a place like this, you see a closed door or a security person and think it's not really for you or you can't go in." 

Culture Club also aims to build awareness of what is happening in cultural venues in Dublin so that the people who attend know about the full range of opportunities they can try across the city. 

Find out more about Culture Club here.