TU Dublin Conservatoire Launches Philharmonic Orchestra in Ground-Breaking Community Engagement Initiative

Published: 18 Apr, 2024

TU Dublin Conservatoire is proud to introduce a groundbreaking venture with the launch of a TU Dublin Philharmonic Orchestra that promotes diversity, accessibility, and community engagement.

Our new Philharmonic Orchestra is evidence of the enduring power of music in people's lives. We are a home for young musicians, whether pursuing formal music education at university or having chosen different pathways, yet still desire to keep their passion for music alive within them.

TU Dublin Conservatoire believes in breaking barriers and making music accessible to all. Our concerts are open to the public, inviting everyone to experience the magic of orchestral music. We take pride in being the beacon of musical diversity, drawing from a pool of musicians currently residing in Ireland. We are committed to fostering a strong bond with our community by pushing the boundaries and promoting open rehearsals, inviting local residents to witness the intricate process of creating symphonic masterpieces. We hope that by opening our doors, we will open our minds and hearts to the transformative power of music.

Our orchestra is a place for young professionals balancing full-time jobs with their passion for music. Through music, we aim to enrich the cultural tapestry of our city and beyond, leaving a mark on the community. Our rehearsal weekends will be a time to come together, to create, and to inspire each other.

Join us, as we embark on this extraordinary musical voyage of discovery, where every note resonates with the pursuit of excellence.

If you want to read more, visit the TU Dublin Conservatoire website.