TU Dublin's TrailblazHER™ Launches for International Women's Day

Published: 29 Feb, 2024

TU Dublin will launch a new EDI initiative - TrailblazHER - on Thursday, 07 March, during a Dublin Chamber event celebrating International Women's Day 2024. TrailblazHER is a community of people, organisations, and enterprises with a shared commitment to advancing gender equality.

Gender inequality permeates every aspect of our society. Through TrailblazHER, TU Dublin is designing what a better way can look like. This new concept combines the efforts of the industry with the higher education sector, second-level schools, and other stakeholders working together to find solutions to the challenges we all face in the area of addressing the underrepresentation of females in multiple sectors of industry and society.

TrailblazHER Inspire will engage with students in secondary school by bringing exciting experiential learning activities to their classrooms, exposing them to the broad range of opportunities available beyond their second-level studies. This will include engaging in school activations, messaging of inspiring industry role models delivered to young people via TikTok and Instagram and University scholarships for disciplines in which females are underrepresented.

TrailblazHER Develop is designed for university students and includes the Be A TrailblazHER Programme for ambitious women who want to jumpstart their careers, industry mentorship for aspiring students, network-building opportunities and workshops and masterclasses from some of the most successful companies in Ireland.

TrailblazHER Innovate is designed for women in industry and includes innovation and leadership workshops and training alongside female founders programmes and networks. Each of these is intended to accelerate pathways for women towards leadership within their chosen field.

TrailblazHER is proudly supported by its generous founding donor, Intel, with leading support from ESB, PWC, Workday and Enterprise Mobility. TrailblazHER welcomes all forms of partnerships and engagement in line with the initiative's mission to empower female talent from the classroom to the boardroom.

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