Visit of President FitzPatrick to Consulate General Office Shanghai

Published: 27 Mar, 2024

On March 22nd, David FitzPatrick, President of Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) and a delegation on a recent visit to Shanghai visited Ireland House and met with the Consul General and the Deputy Consul General. They discussed the details of TU Dublin's trip to Shanghai and Nanjing as well as their engagement with other Universities and education institutions in China. In particular they discussed the importance of the Shanghai Strategic Alliance for International Cooperation in Biopharmaceutical Training and Education and the signing between the Alliance and TU Dublin on the 21st March.

Prof David FitzPatrick, President of Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin), and his delegation visited Shanghai Pharmaceutical School (SPS) on the 21st March. Jiang Zhongyuan, Principle SPS and SPVC, lead the afore mentioned alliance of 12 trade, industry and education organisations in signing an MOU with TU Dublin. This MOU will facilitate the ongoing co-operation with the alliance in education provision by TU Dublin and international exchange of faculty and learners.

Each of the 12 organisations delegates gave detail of their hopes for the agreement and how they would like to engage with TU Dublin in this discipline area. Prof FitzPatrick was accompanied from TU Dublin by Prof Declan McCormac Head of School of Chemical & BioPharmaceutical Sciences and Ass Prof John Behan Head of Disipline Pharmaceutial Sciences and Dr Miriam O Donoghue Head of Strategic Relationships Development.