TU Dublin Innovation and Knowledge Transfer Office welcomes delegation from Estonia

Published: 18 Jun, 2024

On Monday 10th of June. 2024. Dr. Paul Maguire; Head of Innovation & Knowledge Transfer; TU Dublin & TU Dublin Innovation and Dr. Shawna Johnston; Knowledge Transfer Manager, TU Dublin Innovation welcomed 19 members of an Estonian R&D Delegation to the TU Dublin Greenway Hub to discuss knowledge transfer activities, spin out supports, Irish-Estonian support networks and research and innovation opportunities.

Welcoming the visitors Dr. Paul Maguire, Head of Innovation and Knowledge Transfer at TU Dublin said:

We were delighted to host the Estonian delegation in the Greenway Hub, TU Dublin and discuss how TU Dublin Innovation engages in collaborative efforts between industry, academia, and government. Our office showcased our expertise in knowledge transfer and innovation and highlighted some of our recent spinout’s successes; Micron Agritech and Ocumetra. An overview on the Irish tech transfer model was presented, including key learnings how companies (from very early-stage ventures to leading multi-nationals are supported by KTOs in Ireland, and how the Estonian knowledge transfer system can integrate some of that knowledge into their own tech transfer activities.

Visiting delegations such as this are important to continue to develop new connections for TU Dublin and Ireland and provides us the opportunity to discuss potential international collaborations.


The Estonian delegation included developmental advisors from Estonian business associations, public servants, and representatives of Enterprise Estonia, Innovate Estonia and ETAG - Estonian Research Council. The mission of the developmental advisors and corresponding public sector representatives is to facilitate research, innovation, and cooperation both among members and externally. The objective of the visit was to gain insights into the Irish technology transfer ecosystem and explore examples of successful industry-academia cooperation. Ireland has a long experience and good track record supporting a competitive, high-productivity and sustainable enterprise sector. Accordingly, the main aim of their visit was to learn about Irish experiences and best practices regarding cooperation, and to find potential partners in respective fields, such as construction.

Discussing the visit to Ireland and TU Dublin; Delegation Representative Annika Kadaja said:

Ireland has emerged as a leading research hub, and as a representative of the Estonian timber construction sector, I am particularly impressed by the government's increased investment in construction innovation. Ireland's extensive innovation programs and forward-thinking policies offer valuable lessons for us. The opening of the ninth innovation program focused on construction highlights the government's commitment to transforming a traditionally conservative sector.

The urgent need to adopt modern construction methods to address the housing shortage is evident, and Ireland's approach to building faster and more sustainably is commendable. Ireland's construction sector is on the cusp of a new era, and we would be proud if Estonia could contribute to their success with our extensive experience in constructing complex timber buildings. As Europe's largest wooden building exporters, we see great potential for enhanced cooperation. We have much to offer, and equally, much to learn from Ireland's innovative advancements in manufacturing research and technology transfer ecosystem.


Following the visit to TU Dublin, Dr. Maguire and Dr. Johnston joined the delegation at the Embassy of Estonia, Dublin on Wednesday 12th of June to discussion opportunities for future collaboration, networking, and support.