TU Dublin School of Art and Design Research Symposium

Published: 11 Jun, 2024

School of Art and Design Research Symposium 2024

The TU Dublin School of Art and Design Research Symposium was recently held on June 4th, 2024, bringing together staff, postgraduates, and undergraduates to present their work on a wide range of topics, including art, design, photography, technology and philosophy. The event was highly successful for all involved and if you would like to learn more about the school and symposium, please feel free to download the book of abstracts or contact school.artanddesign@tudublin.ie.

Download the TU Dublin School of Art and Design Research Symposium Book of Abstracts 2024.


About the School of Art and Design

The TU Dublin School of Art and Design aims to become a centre for excellence in research-based art and design education within the university and students are taught to create innovative forms of art and design that can bring about positive change in their communities through sustainable and interdisciplinary creative practices.

With a focus on design and art education, they explore methodologies, pedagogies, and transdisciplinary approaches that promote imagination, creativity, and narrative in practice and education. They delve into diverse topics such as cultural heritage, postcolonial theory, environmentalism, sustainable design strategies, participatory design, and inclusive and health services design, highlighting a multifaceted approach to understanding and addressing contemporary challenges. Additionally, they explore the intersections of design with technology, including artificial intelligence, digital fabrication, and virtual reality, while critically examining ethical implications and the evolving nature of the post-digital era.

The artistic research delves into the intersections of drawing, painting, and art theory, exploring temporality, materiality, and agency and investigate conservation theory and the significance of archives and artefacts. In the context of the climate emergency, they explore antiquated natural techniques and their contemporary relevance, examining humanity's connection with nature and the emotional impacts of ecological grief. Additionally, they engage in artistic research, socially engaged art, and critical pedagogy, promoting transdisciplinary education.

The vision is to develop innovative and critical approaches to research and innovation in art, design, and visual culture and aim to establish the TU Dublin School of Art and Design as a benchmark nationally and internationally. Through research; they demonstrate the value of art, design, and visual culture in addressing social, environmental, and technological challenges and their innovative ideas supports a more sustainable and responsible society.