Women in Resistance: Algeria-Ireland 2024

Published: 12 Jun, 2024

Women in Resistance: Algeria – Ireland

TU Dublin lecturer Dr. Aoife Connolly, in partnership with scholars in the University of Sussex (UK), Mary Immaculate College (University of Limerick) and Maynooth University, co-organised "Women in Resistance: Algeria – Ireland, 7-8 June 2024".  The event was attended by students, artists, researchers, members of the business community, and members of the diplomatic community, including ambassadors from the Algerian Embassy in Ireland and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Lesotho in Ireland, with Friday’s event a complete sell-out. 

This inter-disciplinary project brought together Irish and Algerian researchers and artists to shine a light on the neglected roles of women in resistance movements from the 16th century, through to wars of independence and contemporary forms of activism by women. The event forms part of the organisers’ longer-term comparative research project, which takes an inter-disciplinary approach with colleagues across disciplines and outside of academia. The initial phase (“Algeria-Ireland: Resistance Cultures Festival, 2022; co-funded by TU Dublin) marked the intersection of the anniversaries of the 100th-year anniversary of the Irish state and 60th anniversary of Algerian independence through cross-cultural conversations, discussions and performances, in order to make original research findings about the common anti-colonial resistance histories in these two key moments in the global end of European empires, while the next phase will focus on storytelling and narratives (including music and poetry) in both countries. The project aims to produce a non-traditional publication that reflects the inclusive approach taken, and to build lasting connections between the Algerian and Irish creative industries.

The “Women in Resistance” event was supported by funding from: