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Commercialisation of Research


Commercialisation is the process of turning an idea into a commercial product or service. In TU Dublin we are committed to creating successful commercial outcomes which have a positive impact on wider society.

Many researchers want their research results to have an impact. Going down the commercialisation route can be a powerful way to make this happen and it can enhance and sustain the follow-on research after the initial funding ends. It can open up new opportunities for funding from more diverse and larger pots of funding. It can be a way to positively distinguish yourself and your work from your peers, while also achieving widespread, sustainable, positive impact on society.

Strong commercial knowledge exchange activity can yield positive outcomes for you as a researcher and the university through improved reputation, enhanced career skills, and the development of stronger partnerships.

One of the initial steps involved is the preparation of a patent to protect the invention and the innovative capabilities emanating from the research. The Innovation and Knowledge Transfer team in TU Dublin advises researchers on commercialisation potential. They are there to give you the best possible guidance on options for taking a new product or service to market, e.g. licencing or spinout into a company.