International (Non-EU) Fees 2021/22

Undergraduate Programmes

Level 6 and Level 7

FacultyLevel 6Level 7
Arts & Humanities €11,650 €12,500
Business €11,650 €12,500
Engineering & Built Environment €11,650 €12,500
Digital & Data €11,650 €12,500
Science €11,650 €12,500

Level 8

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(Fees listed are per year)

Electrical Services & Energy Management TU820 H €13,500
Visual Merchandising & Display TU795 O €12,500
Product Design TU811 H €14,500
Design – Visual Communication TU973 H €13,500
Contemporary and Visual Culture TU971 H €13,500
Design – Interior TU975 H €13,500
Photography TU976  €13,500 
Creative & Cultural Industries TU972  €13,500 
Creative Digital Media TU796 O €12,500
Creative Digital Media TU982 H €13,500
Creative Digital Media TU981 H €13,500
Creative Digital Media TU987 H €13,500
Print & Digital Media Technology Management TU986  €13,500 
Food Management & Entrepreneurship TU644  H Cert  €11,650 
Culinary Science TU944  €13,500 
Culinary Arts (Professional Cookery Practice) TU643 H Cert  €11,650 
Culinary Entrepreneurship TU943  €13,500 
Culinary Arts TU942  €13,500 
Baking & Pastry Arts Management TU741 €12,500 
Baking & Pastry Arts Management (following completion of TU741 or equivalent) TU945  €13,500 
Bar & Restaurant Management TU641  H Cert  €11,650 
Hotel and Restaurant Service DT6026  H Cert  €11,650 
Food Innovation TU881  €13,500 
Music TU963 €13,500 
Music Education TU964  €13,500 
Commercial Modern Music TU961  €13,500 
Drama (Performance) TU962  €13,500 
Fine Art TU974  €13,500 
Film & Broadcasting TU983  €13,500 
Games Design TU984 €13,500 
Journalism TU985  €13,500 
Tourism Management TU747  €12,500 
Hospitality Management TU958  HDip  €13,500 
Hospitality Management TU745  €12,500 
Sports & Leisure Management TU955 €13,500 
Sports Management and Coaching TU735 O €12,500
Sports Management and Coaching TU935 H €13,500
Sports Management and Coaching TU937 H €13,500
Tourism Management (following completion of TU747 or equivalent) TU956  €13,500 
Hospitality Management (following completion of TU745 or equivalent) TU957 €13,500 
Tourism Marketing TU953  €13,500 
Event Management TU954  €13,500 
International Hospitality Management TU952  €13,500 
International Hospitality & Tourism Management TU951 H €13,500
Languages & English Studies TU966  €13,500 
Languages & International Tourism (Chinese/French/German/Italian/Spanish) TU967  €13,500 
Law TU918 €13,500 
Social Care TU996  €13,500 
Social Care TU998 H €13,500
Social Care TU791 O €12,500
Social Care TU991 H €13,500
Early Childhood Education TU995  €13,500 
Early Childhood Care and Education TU793 O €12,500
Early Childhood Care and Education TU993 H €13,500
Early Childhood Care and Education TU990 H €13,500
Community and Youth Development TU792 O €12,500
Community and Youth Development TU992 H €13,500
Community and Youth Development TU999 H €13,500


Automation Engineering TU813 H €14,500
Computer Engineering TU602 H Cert €11,650
Electronic Engineering TU803 H €14,500
Sustainable Energy Engineering TU806 H €14,500
Mechanical Engineering TU809 H €14,500
Architecture TU832 H €14,500
Architectural Technology TU831 H €14,500
Product Design TU811 H €14,500
Auctioneering, Valuation & Estate Agency TU731 O €12,500
Property Economics TU836 H €14,500
Quantity Surveying & Construction Economics TU837 H €14,500
Geographic Science TU834 H €14,500
Construction Management TU833 H €14,500
Engineering (Common Entry) TU708 O €12,500
Engineering (common first year for TU710, 701, 704, 703, 717, 714, 705, 706) TU709 O €12,500
Engineering Reliability Management TU710 O €12,500
Automation Engineering TU701 O €12,500
Civil Engineering TU704 O €12,500
Computer Engineering TU713 O €12,500
Computer Engineering TU723 O €12,500
Building Engineering TU703 O €12,500
Mechanical Engineering TU717 O €12,500
Mechatronic Engineering TU711 O €12,500
Automotive Management & Technology TU720 O €12,500
Electronics & Communications Engineering TU714 O €12,500
Electrical & Control Engineering TU705 €12,500
Electrical Services Engineering TU706 O €12,500
Aviation Technology TU721 O €12,500
Networking Technologies TU716 O €12,500
Network Applications & Services (add on year) TU819 H €14,500
Engineering (Common Entry) TU804 H €14,500
Engineering (common first year for TU821, 822, 823, 824, 825, 826, 827) TU805 H €14,500
Electrical & Electronic / Computer & Communications Engineering TU821 H €12,500
Mechanical Engineering TU822 H €14,500
Mechatronic Engineering TU810 H €14,500
Mechatronic Engineering TU815 H €14,500
Manufacturing & Design Engineering TU823 H €14,500
Computer Engineering in Mobile Systems TU807 H €14,500
Computer Engineering in Mobile Systems TU816 H €14,500
Structural Engineering TU824 H €14,500
Building Engineering TU825 H €14,500
Civil Engineering TU826 H €14,500
Electrical Services & Energy Management TU802 H €14,500
Medical Device Innovation (following completion of Ordinary Degree) TU818 €14,500
Planning & Environmental Management TU835 €14,500
Transport Operations & Technology TU814 €14,500
Timber Product Technology TU732 €12,500


Postgraduate Programmes 

Level 9

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(Fees listed are for the total duration of the programme)


Conversion & Masters Qualifier Programmes

International Postgraduate Bridging Programme (June Intake) TU299 €3,500
Postgraduate Diploma in Law TU319 €11,000 
MSc in Hospitality Management (September Intake) TU330 €13,500 
MSc in Hospitality Management (January Intake) TU331 €13,500
MSc in Event Management (September Intake) TU326 €13,500 
MSc in Event Management (January Intake) TU327 €13,500
MSc in Tourism Management (September Intake) TU328 €13,500 
MSc in Tourism Management (January Intake) TU329 €13,500
MSc in Business & Entrepreneurship TU312 €13,500 
MSc in Marketing TU306 €13,500 
Postgraduate Diploma in Finance TU314 €11,000 
Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting TU304 €11,000 
MSc in Supply Chain Management TU311 €14,500 
Computing (Fundamentals of) Masters Qualifier (January Intake) TU259 €7,500 
MA in Criminology TU321  €13,500 
Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting TU304  €11,000 
MSc in Accounting TU305  €13,500 
MBS in Accounting (International) TU324  €13,500 
Postgraduate Dip in Finance TU314  €11,000 
MSc in Finance TU318  €13,500 
MSc in International Banking and Finance TU313  €34,500 
MSc in Marketing TU306  €13,500 
MSc in Advertising (Creative Stream) TU307  €13,500 
MSc in Advertising (Executive Stream) TU308  €13,500 
MSc in International Business TU310 €15,580 
MSc in Business & Entrepreneurship TU312  €13,500 
MSc in Strategic Management TU309  €13,500 
MSc in Technology & Innovation Management TU315  €13,500 
MBS in Retail Management TU316  €13,500 
MSc in Fashion Buying and Management TU317  €14,500 
MSc in Digital Marketing TU325  €13,500 


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