International (Non-EU) Fees 2020/21

Undergraduate Programmes 

Download the 2021 Undergraduate Brochure

( Fees listed are per year )

Computing - Information Technology TU653 H Cert €11,650
Pharmaceutical Science TU763 O €12,500
Bio Analysis TU760 O €12,500
Computing - Information Technology TU757 O €12,500
Computing - Information Technology TU764 O €12,500
Computing - Information Technology TU860 H €13,500
Computing - Information Technology TU883 H €13,500
Digital Forensics & Cyber Security TU758 O €12,500
Digital Forensics & Cyber Security TU765 O €12,500
Digital Forensics & Cyber Security TU863 H €13,500
Digital Forensics & Cyber Security TU885 H €13,500
Computing with Data Analytics TU862 H €13,500
Computing with Software Development TU859 H €13,500
Computer Science TU856  H €13,500 
Computer Science (Infrastructure) TU857  €13,500 
Culinary Science TU944  €13,500 
Science (General Entry) TU755  €12,500 
Biosciences TU751 €12,500 
Industrial & Environmental Physics TU754  €12,500 
Medicinal Chemistry & Pharmaceutical Sciences TU762  €12,500 
Science (common first year for TU851, 878, 877, 855, 879, 852, 882, 881, 875) TU854  €13,500 
Analytical Chemistry (Environmental, Forensic & Pharmaceutical) TU851  €13,500 
Physics Technology TU877 €13,500 
Physics with Energy & Environment TU878 €13,500 
Science with Nanotechnology TU855  €13,500 
Physics with Medical Physics & Bio-Engineering TU879 €13,500 
Chemical Science with Medicinal Chemistry TU852  €13,500 
Nutraceuticals in Health & Nutrition TU882  €13,500 
Food Innovation TU881  €13,500 
Food Science & Management TU645  H Cert  €11,650 
Pharmaceutical Science TU876 H €13,500
Pharmaceutical Healthcare TU875  €13,500 
Human Nutrition & Dietetics TU870  €21,886 
Mathematical Sciences TU874  €13,500 
Public Health Nutrition TU872  €13,500 
Industrial Mathematics TU873  €13,500 
Biomedical Science TU867  €13,500 
Biomolecular Science (following completion of an Ordinary Degree) TU886  €13,500 
Biomedical and Molecular Diagnostics TU866  €13,500 
Clinical Measurement Science TU868  €13,500 
Environmental Health TU869  €13,500 
Ophthalmic Dispensing TU761  €12,500 
Optometry TU871  €13,500 
Pharmacy Technician Studies TU654  H Cert  €11,650 


Postgraduate Programmes 

2021 Post Graduate Brochure

( Fees listed are for the total duration of the programme )

International Postgraduate Bridging Programme (June Intake) TU299 €3,500
Postgraduate Diploma in Law TU319 €11,000 
MSc in Hospitality Management (September Intake) TU330 €13,500 
MSc in Hospitality Management (January Intake) TU331 €13,500
MSc in Event Management (September Intake) TU326 €13,500 
MSc in Event Management (January Intake) TU327 €13,500
MSc in Tourism Management (September Intake) TU328 €13,500 
MSc in Tourism Management (January Intake) TU329 €13,500
MSc in Business & Entrepreneurship TU312 €13,500 
MSc in Marketing TU306 €13,500 
Postgraduate Diploma in Finance TU314 €11,000 
Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting TU304 €11,000 
MSc in Applied Computing for Technologists TU255 €14,500 
MSc in Supply Chain Management TU311 €14,500 
Computing (Fundamentals of) Masters Qualifier (January Intake) DT8266 €7,500 


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