Module Overview

Introduction to Biopharmaceuticals

An overview of the biopharmaceutical industry, looking at how biopharmaceuticals are developed and comparing the processes to the traditional approaches. The module will use examples from biopharma and traditional pharma to understand the trends in modern pharmaceutical industry. 

Module Code

BIOP 1001

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Pharmaceutical Industry

History and development of the global pharmaceutical industry.  Pharmaceutical industry in Ireland. The evolution of the biopharmaceutical sector.


Discovery and Development of Small Molecule Pharmaceuticals

History of small molecule development.  Introduction to traditional and modern approaches to small molecule development.  Ethical issues in drug discovery.


Discovery of and Development of Biopharmaceuticals

The evolution of targeted therapies.


Traditional Medicine Practice

The theory, key concepts, basic characteristics, and different approaches of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The differences between TCM and western medicine, especially in the context of understanding human physiology.


Natural biological resources, health and sustainable use. Biodiversity challenges and conservation.


Future Therapeutics

An overview of the next generation of biopharmaceuticals; with a specific emphasis on nucleic-acid and cell-based therapeutics.

Face-to-face lectures will be delivered and students will learn through in-class activities and discussion.  

The module will be very student centred and will require a significant amount of self-directed learning along with the use of on-line resources and quizzes.

Examples of self-directed content are;

  • Review of industry websites.
  • Attendance at guest Lecturers Talks/ Site visit.
  • Accessing relevant literature and interpreting content.
  • Creating on-line resources
  • Reflective writing 

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)100