Module Overview

Principles of Marketing

The main aims of this module are to provide the student with:A solid foundation in the principles of marketing and its role within the business organisation.A conceptual knowledge and practical appreciation of the workings of the modern marketing mix and an awareness of the societal and ethical dimensions of marketing activities.An introduction to the role of marketing information and the market research process.An awareness of the role of the buyer in both consumer and business markets.An understanding of the marketing segmentation, targeting and positioning process.An introduction to a number of sectoral marketing contexts with a specific focus on the unique characteristics of service marketing and non-profit marketing.

Module Code

INTB H2013

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

An Introduction to Marketing

• Marketing as a Business Philosophy• Marketing as an Exchange Process• The Evolution of Marketing Thought • Marketing’s Impact on Society• Marketing Ethics and Social Responsibility • Regulation in the Marketing Environment

The Marketing Environment

• The Macroenvironment• Economic Forces• Social Forces• Political & Legal Forces• Technological Forces• The Microenvironment• Competitive Profiling• Environmental Scanning

Customer Buyer Behaviour

• The Role of Consumers• The Consumer Decision Making Process • Psychological Bases of Consumer Behaviour • Social Bases of Consumer Behaviour• Situational Bases of Consumer Behaviour• Technological Bases of Consumer Behaviour• The Business Market: Organisational Buying Process • Influences on Organisational Buying Decisions

Marketing Research and Marketing Information Systems

• Importance and Scope of Marketing Research and Information• Customer Research• The Marketing Research Process • Marketing Research Ethics

Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

• Segmenting consumer markets• Consumer segmentation criteria• Segmenting business markets• Criteria for successful segmentation• Target Marketing • Positioning• Repositioning

Pricing Strategy

• Factors influencing customer’s price assessments• Price and Types of Markets• External Influences on Pricing Decision• Determining a price range• Methods of Pricing New Products• Advantages & disadvantages associated with various pricing strategies• Pricing Tactics

Marketing Channels and Distribution

• Types of Distribution Channel• Channel Strategy and Management• Channel Integration• Retailing• Key Retail Marketing Decisions• Physical Distribution

Sectoral Marketing Contexts: Service & Non-Profit

• The Unique Characteristics of Services• The Services Marketing Mix• Managing Service Quality• Developing and Managing Customer Relationships• Marketing in non-profit organisations

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)40
Formal Examination60