Module Overview

International Economic & Public Policy

Module Aims: - To enable learners to gain an appreciation of pertinent economic and political issues that affect business decisions and strategies of organisations operating in a global context and to appreciate the overall environment in which international business takes place before focusing on management issues in international firms - To extend the learners understanding of the highly complex and interdisciplinary nature of the international business environment and also develops skills required to contribute at management level within an internationally focused company. - To inculcate in learners the essential knowledge of skills in, and an aptitude for, examining major issues and assess developments as they occur in the spheres of politics, economics, society and culture in the different trade blocs of Asia and the USA, and particularly in the enlarged European Union. - To facilitate learners acquire understanding of both the macro and micro contexts of international business, and develop, and integrate international economic theory, and develop the skills to then apply this in terms of international business practice - To equip learners with the analytical tools necessary to examine major issues and assess developments in the international trade and world governing institutions, and in particular as to how these influence global business environment. - To explore the dynamics of the European Union, its policies and their implications on business.

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INTB H2024

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*Curricular information is subject to change

Introduction to the international economic and political environment

Factors in the Political and Economic Environment.Trends and developments in the Global Economy

International Trade Theory and Policy

The Heckscher-Ohlin ModelInternational Trade policies of major Economic trading blocks (USA, Europe and Asia) in the World Economy

Global Shift and Dimensions of the Global Business Environment

The Complexity and dynamism of the international business environment Institutions and Governance of the Global Economy

The political environment and national competitiveness

Political Risk and international business decision-makingAssessing National Competitive Advantage of nation states using National Diamond Model

The European Union’s business and economic environment

The nature and the dynamics of European Business environmentEurope in the World economy and external trade policy

EU Economic and Policy analysis– implications for business

Regional Policy and Social and Economic Cohesion Policy ramifications for Enlargement of the EU

The international cultural, social and ecological environment

National cultures and international cultural diversity and implication for organisational The ecological environment and environmental issues for international businessesInternational Environmental Protocol

Changes in organizational structures and work patterns in Europe


Learning and teaching will take place through the use of lectures, presentations and role plays exercises in the module. In addition to using text based material, students will be expected to make extensive use of relevant websites, external online audio and video resources referred throughout the course.


Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100