Module Overview

Intercultural Studies 1

The purpose of this module is to outline to the students the origins of diversity in Irish society and current trends in the area. It also aims to trace the development of government policies and current legislation regarding equality and diversity in contemporary Irish society.The module will present case studies on issues affecting migrants in different sectors, particularly work and education, to the student. The module also aims to develop the student’s understanding of the concepts of culture and the theories relevant to the field of intercultural studies.Finally, it will enable the students to reflect on their own ethnic heritage, history, cultural or ethnic identity, values, and assumptions and how this might impact interactions in a multicultural society.

Module Code

INTB H3018

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*Curricular information is subject to change

Equality, Legal issues and policy

• The myth of diversity as a new phenomenon• Brief historical overview – immigration versus emigration• Current migration trends• Different classifications and categories• Equality legislation• Process of asylum claims• Refugee Act 1996• Immigration Act 2004• Immigration Residence and Protection Bill• Task Force on the Traveller Community• Traveller Health Strategy• Housing and Accomodation Policies• Traveller Education Strategy• Case studies of migrants and Travellers regarding education, the workplace, health, cultural issues.

Intercultural Communication Competence

• Basic theories & framework in Intercultural Studies:• Cultural Identity and Value Dimensions across cultures• Cultural distance, cultural shock and acculturation in a globalised world• Cross cultural studies and International Business • Stereotypes• Self-reflection:• Understanding your own cultural values and beliefs• Portfolio: The application of a reflective model

Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100