Module Overview

Materials & Processes1

This module provides the student with fundamental knowledge in materials and manufacturingprocesses for both metals and plastics. It will provide students with an overview of therelationship between the structure and properties of materials and their influences onmanufacturing processes. It will provide the student with the knowledge required to implementboth materials and manufacturing process selection through the analysis of designrequirements. The student will expand their knowledge of the environmental aspects ofmanufacturing processes.

Module Code

MAPR H1006

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Classification and Properties of Materials

Classification and Identification of Materials, Properties of materials:mechanical properties, physical properties, Thermal properties,electrical properties and chemical properties, Selection

Internal Structure of Materials

Atomic structure and arrangement, atomic bonding, Periodic Table of the elements, Macro and microstructure, grainsCrystalline and Imperfections in crystal structure


Macro-molecules (polymer chains)Amorphous and CrystallineThermo-plastic and Thermo-settingRelationship between polymerization. Structure and properties of common polymers.

Materials Testing

Tensile testing, impact, hardness, fatigue & creep. Detailed discussion on tensile testing, impact & hardness including lab.Describe failure modes including fatigue, creep & testing of materials.

Machining Processes

Machining Process Fundamentals, e.g. cutting speeds,feed rates, machining time, cutting tools, types of chips.

Environmental Issues in Manufacturing & Materials Usage

Classification, Reclying of Materials in Assignment


Use of Fasteners and adhesives, Typical equipment used


Techniques and methods used in coating engineering materials.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)50
Formal Examination50