Module Overview

Advanced Computer Aided Design

Module aims: To understand and implement the role of Advanced Computer Aided Design methods in the mechanical design process.

Module Code

MEC4 H4015

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

3D Sketch & Planes Creation

Difference between 2D and 3D sketches,Start a 2D sketch,Create basic geometry (sketch entities),Exit a sketch,Dimension a sketch,Create reference geometry,Trimming sketch entities,Understand sketch relations,Mirror / offset / pattern sketch entities,Copy & Paste Sketches.

Sweeps with Composite Curves

Understand the basics of Sweeps,Swept Boss / Base,Swept Cuts,Model internal threads,Model external threads,Cleaning up after Sweeps.


Basic Lofting,Stages in the Process,Start and End Constraints,Lofting Using a 3D Sketch,Merging a Multibody with Loft.

Sheet Metal Design

Comparing Sheet Metal Design Methods,Using Sheet Metal Tools,Using Forming Tools with Sheet Metal,Converting Solid Bodies to Sheet Metal,Sheet Metal Parts,Multibody Sheet Metal Parts,Using Sheet Metal Bend Parameters.

Top-Down Assembly

Inplace mates and in-context features, Part and Assembly Templates, Global values and equations, Assembly feature manager and external references.

Design Tables

Renaming Dimensions,Creating Configurations (hard coded),Inserting Design Tables,Editing design Tables,Using configurations,Supressing features not required.

Finite Element Analysis.

Build Mathematical Models, Defeaturing & Idealization, Building Finite Element Models, Solving Finite Element Model, Analysing Results, Errors in FEA, Element Types, First and Second Order Solid Tetrahedral Elements, First and Second Order Triangular Shell Elements, Beam Elements

Frequency (modal) FEA

Use of shell elements for analysis of thin walled structures, Frequency Analysis with and without supports, Rigid Body Modes, Symmetric and Anti-symmetric modes.

This is a blended learning module and face-to-face, comprising of but not limited to presentations, exercises, assignments, application based, problem based learning, and self directed learning. 

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)100