Module Overview

Design Project Part 1

The aim of this final year design project is to provide the learner with substantive individual or teamwork based design projects that are intended to develop and nurture their capability to research, analyse and implement design solutions to specific engineering projects with potential mechatronic solutions.

Module Code

MEC4 H4017

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Indicative Syllabus

The aim is to bring together in a systematic way the knowledge the learner has absorbed through their academic career to date, and to apply that knowledge in the synthesis of a major project. The student will be given a project outline and assigned a supervisor. A project proposed by a student in an area of interest may be pursued subject to academic ratification by staff. Projects in collaboration with industry will be especially nurtured where possible.Projects will be of a mechatronics nature involving the combination of electronic, computing and mechanical engineering. The student will be expected to research, design and develop the project based on a problem to be solved or a goal to be achieved.Together with the ability to organise and manage their work, the student will be expected to research, design and implement their project to a very high standard and then present it to their examiners. A final report will be submitted outlining the work done and their achievements.

Typical project may include

• Micro-controller based design consisting of functional elements such as visual and audio output display devices, manual data input consoles, sensors, actuators/end-effectors, and elements of logic, counting, and control;• Guidance and control of robot and/or autonomous machines;• Machine vision and industrial inspection systems;• Modelling and control of manufacturing systems and processes;• Remote monitoring and control of domestic appliances and industrial systems;• Deployment of vibration control and regenerative energy systems;• CAD based design and analysis of mechatronic applications

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)100