Module Overview

Electronic Comp Aided Design

This module presents the student with an understanding of the important aspects of Electronic Computer Aided Drawing technologies. This module is of importance to engineering graduates intending on a career in any engineering discipline.

Module Code

MECH H2019

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Introduction to ECAD

Introduction to Electronic CAD packages. History of artwork design. Use of CAD packages in schematic drawings and PCB layout. Introduction to the in-house ECAD package.

Schematic Diagrams

Steps necessary to present properly drawn schematic diagrams. Understanding of the need for conformity, symmetry and balance in drawing a diagram. Standard systems of symbols. The schematic diagram as a communications tool in technical environments. Freehand sketching of schematic diagrams.

Artwork Creation

Basic rules governing the layout of an artwork by traditional methods. Use of an ECAD package to create artworks. Use of the schematic to artwork link. ECAD tools to auto check, design route checking.

Artwork Design

Design issues for creation of useable artworks. Use of single sided or double-sided boards. Positioning of components. Verification of component footprints. Relationship between the electronic artworks and the actual PCB. Choices of layers, pad sizes and track widths. Considerations for layout of analogue boards. Design rules for digital boards and use of double-sided techniques. Silk screens and documentation. Post processing of artworks and creation of the physical artwork. Creation of library entries from components in both schematic and PCB. Ethical considerations in creating PCBs for manufacture.

SMT Artworks

Design requirements for SMT (Surface Mount Technology) boards and mixed technology boards. SMT footprints and use of standardised footprints. Design rules for the creation of an SMT artwork and considerations for the manufacture of PCBs.

ECAD Platform

The current platform used is Zuken CadStar but other suitable platforms could be used.

PCB Manufacture

Where possible the learner will manufacture one of their PCB designs in lab.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)100