Module Overview

Mini Project

The aim of the mini-project is to provide students with the opportunity to bring together the skills and knowledge acquired to date and to provide students with the opportunity to take personal responsibility to successfully complete a mechatronic project, and the associated report. Typical mini-projects might include; • Tensile tester using strain gauges • Machine control with feedback loop using appropriate sensors • PC controlled weighing scales using strain gauges. Students will be provided with a basic working design, but will be encouraged to enhance and improve the design. Students will be required to produce a project plan at the beginning of the semester, and to update the plan regularly to reflect project progress.

Module Code

MECH H2022

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Projects will consist of a pre-defined Mechatronics device. Each student will build the same project on an individual basis according to the specification provided by the lecturer.

Each student is also given a project handbook which outlines what is required of the student throughout the duration of the mini project module. The handbook should contain deadline dates for submitting work and assessment techniques.

The student will typically be required, during the course of the project to

  • Write a project specification document
  • Design a schematic circuit design using CAD software
  • Use CAD software to produce a PCB layout in such a format that it can be professionally manufactured.
  • To verify that the PCB and associated electronic components operates correctly.
  • Safely and correctly supply power from the mains to the project components (where appropriate).
  • To use a mechanical CAD package to design and visualise the mechanical components of the project
  • To fabricate the components and assemble them correctly.
  • To calibrate the system correctly.
  • To verify correct functionality of the system according to the project specification.

A detailed technical report should be produced as part of the project. Each student will also be required to make a verbal presentation of their project.


Mentoring will be provided to the students, typically in the following areas:- Project management, scheduling, deadlines, documentation- Report writing, structure, editing and proof reading, diagrams and tables, referencing- Workshop, hazards, health and safety, electrical and mechanical standards- Support instruction on hardware/software aspects of the project

This module is delivered using a mix of learning and teaching methods. It incorporated aspects of problem based learning, including expert sessions and a large degree of experimental learning. There are some aspects of blended learning included with some online expert sessions. The module aims to be mostly student centred, encouraging students to take a more active role and making use of peer learning.

Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100