Module Overview

Electrical Power and Machines

This module will give the student a thorough understanding of electrical power consumption, a modern account of the principles of electrical machines and drives, and practical wiring skills essential to the construction of a mechatronics system. This includes a major skills-based component, with emphasis on providing students with the ability to design and wire control circuits for a variety of electrical machines.

Module Code

MECH H3023

ECTS Credits


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Same as above.

Introduction to motor control wiring.

Protective devices, contactors, thermal overload, stop/start push-buttons, indicator lamps, control panel installation and wiring, cable sizing, three/single phase motors.

Electrical Distribution

Electrical Distribution, Earthing, Protection Devices.

Electricity Generation

Line and phase relationships. Single and three phase power. Active and reactive power. Power factor and pf correction. Calculation of voltage, current and power in three-phase circuits.

DC motors and generators

Construction of a DC motor/generator. Series and shunt motor terminal properties and modes of operation.

Induction Motors/generators

The rotating magnetic field. Three-phase synchronous and asynchronous (induction) machines. Implications of the phenomenon of slip of an induction machine. Starting methods for three-phase motors. Single-phase motors. Starting techniques for single phase motors.

Stepper Motors

Permanent magnet and variable reluctance. Drive waveforms and basic drive circuits.

Solenoids and Relays

Construction, pull-in and holding current, back E.M.F. Applications of relays


Principle of operation. Transformer formulae. Ideal circuit. Efficiency and losses. Transformer tests. Equivalent circuit. No-load phasor. Transformer regulation. Transformer connections.

Weekly lecture

Weekly practical workshop

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Formal Examination50
Other Assessment(s)50