Module Overview


The 3rd year Mechatronic Engineering Project module takes place over two semesters. The aim of the project is to integrate the technical knowledge and practical skills acquired over the course of the previous years study by successfully completing a mechatronic engineering project. The learner will be provided with the opportunity to design, construct and evaluate a project involving a combination of electronic, computing and mechanical engineering.

Module Code

MECH H3025

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Project Overview

The project will take place over both semesters of stage 3 year. The learner will be given a broad project brief outlining the problem and will be expected to refine the problem and to design a solution which will solve the specified task.

Project Skills

Projects will be of a mechatronics nature involving the combination of electronic, computing and mechanical engineering. The learner will be expected to research, design and develop the project based on the problem to be solved or the goal to be achieved. In addition, the learner will be expected to organise and manage the work, documentation and materials required in order to complete the project to a very high standard and then present the completed project to the examiners. A final report will be submitted outlining the work done and the achievements.

Typical Project Examples:

Typical project will include; PLC/Microcontroller/Labview based designs containing functional elements required to solve typical applications found in: • Industrial automation • Renewable energy • Domestic installations • Automotive industry • Assistive technology

This module is delivered face-to-face in both the mechatronics workshop and classroom environment. Semester 1 is mainly classroom-based individual research and documentation of their proposed design. Students are expected to attend each week and must make approximately weekly moodle submissions detailing the evolution of their design, guided by their supervisors. An interim report and presentation is required at the end of semester 1.

Semester 2 is more workshop-based where the students work on constructing, integrating, testing and delivering their chosen design along with supporting documentation and a final presentation and report at the end of semester 2 guided by their supervisors. 

Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100