Module Overview

Measurement Systems

The aim of the subject is to provide the student with the ability to use measurement methods in lab work throughout the course and in professional life.

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MESY H1002

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*Curricular information is subject to change

Measurement Characteristics:

Measurement error; systematic and random, sources and possible fixes. Static characteristics; accuracy, precision, resolution and sensitivity. Dynamic characteristics; zero order, first order, second oder response. Damping, response time, settling time.

Measurement Systems:

Functional elements of a measurement system; sensors, signal conditioning, data display/ recording. Thermistors, strain gauges, wheatstone bridge circuit, variable area capacitors, piezoelectric accelerometer, thermocouples.

Measurement Instrumentation:

Vernier calipers, Micrometer screw gauge, calibration of the micrometer to BS 870, metric gauge blocks.

Angular Measurement:

Background theory of precision balls and rollers. Sine bar.

Limit Gauges:

Inspection vs measurement. Taylor's theory of gauging, manufacturing tolerances, wear allowance. Pin gauges, gap gauges.

Background Theory of Limits and Fits:

Hole based systems, Shaft based systems, BS4500. Clearance fit, transition fit and interference fit.

Precision Measurement Instrumentation:

Operation principles of Optical Profile Projector (OPP), Surface measuring equipment, Laser Micrometer and Coordinate Measuring machine (CMM).

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)30
Formal Examination70