Module Overview

Metrology/Statistical Process Control & Experimental Design

Part I – Metrology
The module details the key principles of metrological standards and measurement their use and interrelationships
Part II – Statistical Process Control and Experimental Design
This module describes how Statistical Process Control (SPC) is implemented in industry. The theory and justification behind SPC methods will be described together with the decision-making procedures used when SPC is implemented.
The module will introduce various problem-solving methods used in industry to address process related problems. The techniques associated with experimental design procedures will be emphasised.

Module Code

PHYS 2807

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Part I – Metrology
History and background
Types-Scientific, Industrial, Legal, others
Reasons for metrology-Practical/technical, trade, statutory, commercial, etc.
Units-Origins/definitions of old and S.I.
7 basic (length, mass, time, temperature, current, luminous intensity, mole)
Others (Volts, pressure, frequency, inductance, capacitance, resistance, surface roughness, EM
radiation, nuclear radiation, etc.)
Standards and traceability (BIPM-primary/national-reference-working-measurement/calibration, ISO)
Measuring devices and scales.
Weighing scales
Calibration-Origins, techniques, correction, tolerances, Statistics. - Examples for some/all of the above units
Enterprise Ireland - Example of national metrology laboratory, including afternoon tour of facility
Relevant Laboratory Practicals
determination of density of Aluminium using a callipers, micrometer and weighing scales.
calibration of a DVM using the Wavetek 9100 Universal Calibrator.
Any experiment which involves taking measurements.
Part II – Statistical Process Control and Experimental Design
Introduction, background and basic concepts of Statistical Process Control. Sensing and measurement in industrial processes. Statistical methods in Quality Improvements. Methods and implementation of Statistical Process Control. Measurement and control of process using variable data. Process capability and variables.
Process problem solving and improvement. Problem solving and trouble shooting in out of control processes. Pareto analysis. Cause and effect analysis. Process design and improvement using designed experiments. Fundamental principles of designed experiments. Factorial and fractional experiments for process design. Optimisation techniques and methods. Taguchi method of experimental design.

Lectures, problem solving, case studies

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Formal Examination48
Other Assessment(s)52