Module Overview

Quality & Manufacturing Systems

This subject provides the student with an introduction to Quality and Manufacturing Systems. The student will also gain practical experience in the use of various Quality and Manufacturing Systems techniques.

Module Code

QMAN H2002

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change


vocabulary, definitions of quality, quality control, quality assurance.

Improvement tools:

Histogram, pareto analysis; check sheet, cause and effect; flow diagram, scatter diagram.

Quality Audits:

Types of audits; audit schedule; audit reporting

Quality Costs:

Conformance and non-conformance costs; collecting and reporting; analysis; quality improvement strategy

Quality Management Systems:

ISO9000; Preparation of a manual and procedures.

Environmental Management Systems:

ISO14001/4; Applications, Guidelines on principles, systems and supporting techniques.

Classification of Manufacturing Systems:

continuous flow; mass production; batch production; job shop production; plant layout types (process based, product based, cellular); factors in selecting different material handling systems.

Capacity Management:

Matching demand with capacity (& problems therein); long, intermediate and short-term management; different strategies (manipulate capacity/demand, excess capacity); cumulative graphs. Computer based case study.

Activity Scheduling:

Importance; how to measure; scheduling tools (gantt charts, forward & reverse scheduling, sequencing algorithms, dispatching rules)

Project Planning:

Definition; networks and Critical Path Method; use of computer packages.

MRP/ Lean Manufacturing:

Materials Requirement Planning (MRP): definition, aim, when appropriate, main inputs and outputs, principle of operation and MRP calculations. Lean Manufacturing: aim, push vs pull production, kanban, continuous improvement.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)30
Formal Examination70