Module Overview

Coaching Theory and Practice 1

The aims of this module include: • To deliver coaching theory and practice concepts • To understand the basic components of field sports fundamental programs. • To provide a broad understanding of coaching philosophy. • To demonstrate and evaluate coaching behaviours and styles • To demonstrate practical experiences in coaching training sessions. • To ensure students have the ability to execute o coaching principles .

Module Code

SMCO H1011

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Coaches Role

Duties, responsibilities

Coaching Styles and Theories

Autocratic,democratic, laissez faire.

Interpersonal Communications

Methods of communications, obstacles, NVC


Types, timing, content

Practical Element

Peer Conducted Practical Sessions

Coaching Theory

Coaching Character, diverse groups, team cultures, preventitive discipline, coaching techical skills, coaching tactical skills, coaching philosphies and styles

Theory lectures which will include (but are not limited to) class discussions, group work, appreciation of coaching literature, analysis of coaching methods & pedagogy etc.

Practical lectures which will facilitate the development for the student's practical coaching skillset. 

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Formal Examination50
Other Assessment(s)50