Module Overview

Coaching & Performance Psychology 1

Module Aims: To understand the concepts, theories and principles of Exercise Psychology. To provide practical experience of coaching training sessions at primary school level. Learning outcomes: Having successfully completed this module, the student will be able to : Understand and appreciate the fundamental concepts, theories, practises and principles of Exercise Psychology. Have the ability to design, conduct , record and evaluate a coaching session

Module Code

SMCO H2011

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Introduction to Coaching and Exercise Psychology

What is Coaching and Exercise Psychology?


Discuss peoples motivation to participate in sport and exercise


Types of communication, Listening skills

Personality and Sport

Coaching different TypesMeasurementChange Methods

Goal Setting

Methods,Techniques.Personal Goal setting, Team Goal setting

Arousal, Stress, and Anxiety

Creating AwarenessCoping Strategies

Understanding Competition and Cooperation

Deming’s ThoughtsPositive v Negative CompetitionDevelopment V CompetitionCooperation and Team

Self Esteem

Building Self EsteemSelf AnalysisSelf TalkPositive ReinforcementsAttacks on Self Esteem

Feedback, Reinforcement

How these factors affect athetes performance



Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Formal Examination50
Other Assessment(s)50