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Sports Marketing 1

The main aims of this module are to provide the learner with : • a conceptual knowledge and practical appreciation of the workings of the modern marketing mix and an awareness of the societal and ethical dimensions of sports marketing activities • a solid foundation of knowledge in the principles of marketing and sport marketing • an introduction to the role of marketing information and the market research process • an ability to apply key marketing concepts to an array of sports marketing contexts • a sensitivity to the role of the sports consumer / participant in moderating sports markets • an understanding of the Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP) process

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SMCO H2014

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*Curricular information is subject to change

An Overview of Marketing and Sports Marketing

Marketing as a Business Philosophy, Marketing as an Exchange Process, Marketing’s Impact on Society, Marketing as a Dynamic Organisational Process, An Overview of Strategic and Marketing Planning, Marketing Ethics and Social Responsibility, Ambush Marketing, Buzz Marketing, Service Marketing, Marketing through sports, The Sports Marketing Environment, Career opportunities in the field of Sports Marketing, The extended sports Marketing Mix.

Sports Marketing Research and the Sports Marketing Information System

Importance and Scope of Marketing Research and Information, Customer Research and the Marketing Research Process, Data Collection, Technological Enhancements in Customer Research, Competitor Research, Channel Research, Data-Based Marketing and the Role of Research in Sport Marketing

Sport Consumer Behaviour

The Roles of Consumers, the Consumer Buying Decision Process, Psychological Bases of Consumer Behaviour, Social Bases of Consumer Behaviour, Situational Bases of Consumer Behaviour, Technological Bases of Consumer Behaviour, Characteristics of the Business Market, The Organisational Buying Process, Major Forces Affecting Organisational Buying Decisions The Elusive Fan – The Fan Challenge, How Fans Connect and Sustaining the Fan Connection, Perspectives in Sport Consumer Behaviour

Strategic Sport Marketing Management

The Nature and Scope of Strategic Marketing, Fundamentals of Marketing Planning, Strategic Situation Analysis, The Marketing Plan, The Marketing Audit, Coordinating and Controlling the Sports Marketing Mix, Market Targeting; Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning, Segmentation of the Sports Market, Product Portfolio Management, New Product Development, The Sport Product, Product Decisions in Sport Marketing, Managing Sport Brands, Leveraging against Ambush Marketing, Emerging Issues in Sport, Relationship Marketing in Sports, The Role of Technology in Sports Marketing, The Sport Business Future.

Aside from formal aspects of lecturing, students will be expected to work in groups and contribute to group and class activities

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