Module Overview

Regulatory Environment

Module Aims: • To introduce the learner to general concepts and principles of Irish law & legal issues in Sport. • To introduce the learner to general regulatory concepts in sports administration and sports law. • To develop in the learner a discipline of thought through a clear understanding of the logical processes involved in legal reasoning. • To convey a clear understanding of Contract law, Employment law, Agency Law & Tort of Negligence in Sport. • To provide the learner with the necessary basic research skills to facilitate independent study.

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SMCO H2015

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*Curricular information is subject to change

The Legal System

The nature of law, and classification of law,Principal and secondary sources of lawCommon law, Equity,The structure of the Courts and the legal profession

Law of Tort - Negligence & Sport

The nature of tortuous liability,Negligence & Sport (Coaches, etc)General defences in tort,Vicarious liability,Remedies in tort

Contract Law

The nature, formation, terms, Validity of a contract,Remedies

Regulation of Sport

Sports governance in Ireland; NGO's; Discipline procedures within sport, WADA; ISC/NSCDA merger; Codes of practice for sports organisations; The role of the Courts in sport; Sports & Violence; Child Protection & Sport

Employment Law & Sport

The contract of employment - Contracts of service and contract for services; Statutory and common law rules; Terms and conditions of a contract of employment; Employment legislation; Sports Employment - Joueur Espoir & Bosman Ruling

Legal Issues in Sport

Intellectual Property Rights in Sport; Image Rights; Sports Sponsorship Agreements; Broadcasting; Endorsement Agreements; Ambush Marketing; Naming Rights agreements; Corporate Hospitality;

Law of Agency

Types of Agents; Agency agreements; Termination of Agency agreements; Role & regulation of Sports Agents

Teaching is by way of weekly interactive lectures and tutorials. Lectures will scaffold student learning by introducing basic concepts and cases pertinent to sports law. Tutorials will place this knowledge in concrete contexts through the application of these concepts and cases to specific contemporary examples. Tutorials will involve a mixture of activities including team working, debates, role plays, presentations and quizzes. These sessions will be supplemented by a variety of readings, videos and exercises through the VLE. 

Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100