Module Overview

Prog Development & Exercise Progression

Module Aims: To promote a basic understanding of Resistance Programme Design. To illustrate the basic Exercise Progressions. To provide a broad understanding of individual needs. To develop basic skills in assessing individual resistance programme needs. To provide an understanding of resistance training systems. To provide an understanding and ability to execute a large range of flexibility and resistance (upper body/abdomen/back/trunk) exercises. To develop a comprehensive insight into a range of pushing and pulling resistance exercises. To demonstrate all the teaching points of all the relevant exercises

Module Code

SMCO H2022

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change


Basic Principles of Individual Resistance Programme Design, Needs Analysis,Exercise Selection and Order,Programme Layout, Structure, Volume, Intensity, Time,Developing Individual Programmes


Flexibility Exercises,Upper Body Vertical & Horizontal Pushing Exercises,Upper Body Vertical & Horizontal Pushing Exercises,Rotator Cuff Exercises,Abdominal Exercise,Gluteus Medius Exercises,Gluteus Maximus and Hip Extension Exercises,Lower Back Exercises,Supplementary Exercises

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Formal Examination30
Other Assessment(s)70