Module Overview

Professional Skills & Life Coaching

Module Aims: This Module will provide the student with an opportunity to identify key skills and their function in professional practice as a Sports Manager and Coach. It will emphasise the approach of management of self as a prerequisite to the effective management of others. The student will be encouraged to challenge their own attitudes and beliefs in moving from unconscious incompetence to competence. Specific aims are: To develop appropriate professional skills to enhance working practice To reflect on intra-personal skills and interpersonal skills and their role in career development To reflect on intra-personal skills and interpersonal skills and their role in career development • To provide a profound insight into the relationship between spirituality, attitude and personal integrity. • To present an opportunity to design a life coaching programme, following detailed analysis and evaluation. • To develop comprehensive reporting and evaluation skills utilised in the development of life coaching programmes. • To investigate, recognise and analyse the roles played by emotions in life coaching situations. • To enunciate the theories underpinning effective time management and decision making • To provide a detailed insight into varying psychological factors which affect people. • To ensure a comprehensive insight into learning cognitive skills and their impact in life coaching situations.

Module Code

SMCO H3015

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Professional Skills

Time Management; Effective and efficient time management, Organisation of people, information and tasks, Short, medium and long term goalsProject Management; Characteristics of a project, Project Planning, Managing expectations Meeting Management; Communications skills, Problem-solving, Decision-making strategies and skills, Chairing meetings effectively, Recording and Reporting Meetings, Introducing Change

Life Coaching

Spirituality and Life; Developing Spiritual Awareness, Higher Powers, 12 Step Programmes for LivingDealing with Negative Emotions; Hate, Anger, Guilt shame, Psychological TechniquesLiving with Integrity; Honesty, Assertiveness, RelationshipsReaching Your Potential; Vision, Psychological tools, Living in the present, long-term goals, BalanceLearning Cognitive Skills; Thought processes and habits, Creative thinking, Learning Style, Psychological techniques.Creating High Quality Relationships; Success and Relationships, Essence of Good Relationships, Resolving Conflict, Close FriendshipsThe Role of Exercise; Exercise Needs,

In class, lectures, tutorials and practicals across range of facilities

Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100