Module Overview

Personal Training 1

• Recount, Analyse and Comprehend the personal attributes and business kills required to be a personal trainer. • Conduct a detailed client needs analysis in light of accepted theories, applications and principles. • Formulate, implement and evaluate personal exercise prescriptions. • Assess, analyse self performance and formulate improvement strategies and techniques. • Analyse and correct poor programme design features. • Evaluate client adherence and performance, formulate remedies, provide feedback, implement and monitor response.

Module Code

SMCO H3021

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Section 1 – Theoretical Element

Certification DefinitionsCostRelevanceBenefits Performing the Initial ConsultationCode of Professional BehaviourGreetingPlanQuestionsHealth AppraisalPersonalityAdherenceOther Factors NegotiationTechniquesBATNAOvercoming Obstacles The First Session –Only one chance to make first impressionWord of mouthPlanProfessional Planning the ProgrammeWeight LossConditioningStrengthPowerAerobicsCore Stability Sports Psychology TechniquesImaginarySelf TalkAttitudeFake till you make itSpecial ClientsCardiovascular, Aged, Respiratory Problems, Physical Disabilities, Mental Disorders, othersSerious AthletesHealth and SafetyEssential EquipmentSelectionConsiderationsLayoutVendorsWarranties Professional PracticesLegal IssuesInsurancePublic LiabilityProfessional Indemnity

Section 2 – Practical Element

Taking on more than two personal clients and producing a detailed log of the needs analysis, consultations, programme design rationale, programme implementation, monitoring and control mechanisms, problems, conflicts, negotiations, motivation techniques used, feedback techniques used, observations, conclusions, recommendations, learning points, events and milestones. Or any alternative suitable assessment. Aerobics Spinning Pilates Dance

A blended learning approach is used for this applied module. Students will receive a mix of lectures, clinics and online teaching methods.  

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)100